Sunday, January 31, 2010

Half-Marathon Training, Week 4

Today ends week 4 of training for a half-marathon. I'm doing OK so far. Last week I completely slacked off, but all I can do is try again this week, and I did, sort of. So far this year, I have run 22.85 miles. Not too bad. On the weeks that I did run, I averaged 7.6 miles/week. Not great, and not where I want to be. At this point I was hope to be running around a half-marathon over the course of the week. But it's better than nothing!!

Also, today was my first day running outside, which is worlds better than running in a hot stinky gym on a treadmill. I tried an app on my phone to track my run, but I think the GPS was confused. Oh well, I downloaded a bunch of other apps to try, but there is still to help me track distance manually.

13 more weeks to the half marathon!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

At Room To Move Studio in Steger

My sister-in-law, a ballet teacher, recently opened a new studio space to not only teach her classes, but to rent time other independent instructors, and anyone else who needs "room to move." I stopped by for the adult ballet class on Saturday, and took some photos of the space afterward.

Room To Move Studio

Miss Loren at the barre
Room To Move Studio

I like how this photo turned out
Room To Move Studio

Room To Move Studio

If you're interested in taking classes (offered for all ages and abilities in ballet, Egyptian belly dance, tribal belly dance, yoga and dance for pregnancy), or to rent the space for your own classes, rehearsals, auditions, events or whatever else, visit

Monday, January 4, 2010

Training Day One

Well, I already have a goal for 2010. I'm running a half marathon on May 2, 2010. And, according the countdown app on my Droid, I have 117 days to train for it. But, I set up a training plan to take it one week at a time. After a very quick Google search, I discovered that many training plans include shorter runs during the week, and distance runs one day a week (usually the weekend), gradually building toward your target distance.

So, for the first day of training, I ran two miles in 20 minutes on the treadmill. Not super impressive, but you try to do it (that comment is aimed at non-runners). Impressive enough considering how lax I've been on working out lately.

Also, according to their Facebook updates, I have inspired two of my friends to consider training for their first 5K races. Which further inspires me to achieve my goal.