Thursday, April 19, 2012

First World Problems: Thankful Things Thursday Edition

Someone brought cookies to the office and I have no self-control. We're still not through all the leftover Easter candy that's been brought to the office. But I am thankful that the cookies are delicious.

My arms are super sore from Monday night's Body Sculpt class. (Yes, on Thursday.) I can barely lift my arms! This better result in a disappearance of my arm flab. Pain is beauty! I mean, strength! Strong is the new sexy! I'm thankful for my (future) strength!

I can't find anywhere to get falafel within walking distance of my office. Come on! This town borders the Chicago city limits! Make with the falafel already! But I'm thankful there is a Naf Naf Grill within driving distance.

Related to that, I'm spending way too much money on lunch. Especially considering there is a Trader Joe's within walking distance. New plan: go to Trader Joe's every Monday and stock up on lunch supplies for the week. This will easily cut my lunch spending in half. And probably also cut my portion sizes in half.

Everyone in my office is getting sick. I DO NOT WANT TO GET SICK. I'm thankful that my version of "sick" is a mild cold.

picplz_uploadOur desk jobs are killing us. We've all heard the horrors of sitting at a desk all day. (And this infographic truly treats it as a horror.) I'm thankful that I have my own office and enough desk space to create my own "standing desk" arrangement -->

I'm thinking about moving my blog to WordPress. Not really a "problem," but ... just throwing it out there. In case you're curious why, for one thing, I keep hearing that it's the "better" blog platform, so I want to see if that's true. Additionally, since I work in online marketing, and part of my job occasionally includes blogging, I should probably know how to use the #1 blog platform. If anyone has experience moving from Blogger to Wordpress (especially if you have your own domain) and has any tips, let me know.

Don't forget: Runner Photo Challenge!

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