Friday, April 29, 2011

Anniversary in Galena

Last weekend, The Sailor and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary by taking a little trip to Galena, IL. Since it was "early" in the season, and also Easter weekend, it wasn't very crowded. Plus it rained the only whole day we were there. But, we had a good time. It was just nice to get away together. We haven't done that in a loooong time. (For the record, the last time we "got away" together was to Great Lakes for a Navy family weekend thing last summer. The last time we "got away" together for something more voluntary was a trip to Michigan with friends in 2007.)

Of course I took pictures!

Before we left, I picked up a cake - a mini-version of our wedding cake - from Fleckenstein's Bakery in Mokena (they made our wedding cake)

he was a little excited about the cake. its lent after all. we're cheating.

In Galena. Raining.




Main Street, Galena

Massbach Ridge Winery & Vineyard

Massbach Ridge Vineyard & Winery

Didn't rain on the day we were leaving



Our "souveniers"

Galena booze

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mediocre at many things. Stellar at none.

I've never been stellar at any one thing. I know that's normal. But I've been mediocre-to-good at many things.

In my formative years (ages 10 - 18), I took piano lessons, played flute in band, was on the dance team, volleyball team and soccer team. I did well academically. I was never a star at any one thing. As is always the case, there was always someone (or many someones) better than me. There's nothing wrong with that. I never expected or was expected to be the star. It was all a way to keep busy and have fun.

As an adult, I'm falling into the same patterns. And I'm realizing it's so much easier to stretch myself thin when work takes up 8 hours of my day, commuting 1.5 hours, sleep 7 hours. And in my free time I have to do things like feed myself, do laundry, pay attention to my husband, buy groceries, etc. So even though my hobbies are limited to three right now - playing the flute in a community band, playing on a recreational soccer team and running/working out - there's just never enough time. I never have time to practice my flute (and as a result, I'm honestly the worst in my section). I don't devote as much time as I would like to running and thus I'm not improving like I want to and I could very well injury myself because I don't make enough time to increase my mileage like I should. I'd like to pick up some freelance projects in my space time ... but it is such a struggle to find the time when I do pick up a project.

I keep asking myself if I should give up one or more of my hobbies, and if so, which one? I'm finding that without the proper time to devote to any of them, I don't enjoy them as much. If I had more time to devote to any one of them, and found myself improving at whatever it was, I would feel much better about it. But instead I suck at everything, which takes the enjoyment out of it.

But what do I give up? I'm torn. If only there was a way to reduce the time spent doing all that other stuff - commuting, chores, errands, etc. C'est la vie.