30 Before 30

Phillies at Cubs
#8 Go Cubs
I like lists. I'll be 30 in 2012.
  1. Figure out what I want to be when I grow up 
  2. [done Aug 2010] Play soccer again
  3. [done April 2012] Finish my 4th half marathon
  4. [done April 2011] Take a vacation!
  5. [done April 2011] Take a vacation with the Sailor
  6. [done Nov 2010] Host a party
  7. [done April 2011] Take a weekend trip somewhere out of town
  8. [done July 2011] Go to a Cubs game (bonus: in a suite)
  9. Go to a Chicago Fire game
  10. Go on a boat
  11. Marblehead
    #11 - by the Atlantic Ocean in Marblehead
  12. [done Oct 2011] Visit one of my BFFs in Boston
  13. [done Aug 2011] Run another half marathon
  14. Run a trail race
  15. [done Dec 2011] Run a 5K at a sub 8min pace
  16. Run a half marathon at a sub 10min pace
  17. [done Sept 2010] Get a bike
  18. [done summer 2011] Play a new sport or learn a new type of dance (burlesque)
  19. Attend a Chicago festival
  20. [done Oct 2011] Run a crazy race like the Warrior Dash
  21. Go horseback riding
  22. [done Nov 2010] Volunteer for something 
  23. #19 - Monster Dash
    5K Obstacle Course
    I'm dressed as a pirate
  24. [done March 2012] Go for a run on Chicago's lakefront
  25. Finish a race in two states other than Illinois
  26. Get a tattoo (maybe)
  27. [done Feb 2011] Go to the movies by myself
  28. Attend a Roller Derby match or El Circo Cheapo performance
  29. Attend a drum circle or bluegrass jam at Room To Move
  30. Donate blood
  31. Raise $1,000 for the American Cancer Society's DetermiNation program
Except for #24, I don't see why I shouldn't complete this list! (I'm really indecisive, so not sure I should get anything permanently inked on my body.) However, I will allow myself to edit this list until my 30th birthday. Only if something in my life significantly changes and something on the list becomes unreasonable.

Also, in a strange coincidence, I looked at the last 101 Things To Do in 1,001 Days list that I made ... today [6/24/10] was day 1,001! Weird. I did not finish the list. I don't even think I got half way through it. One of the items was "buy a house or townhouse or condo." HA! Good one. So I tried to make my 30 list all things I can reasonably attain, and don't require significant financial expectations that I may or may not achieve.


  1. Girl! Donating blood is easy-peasy!! 179th and Wolf Rd, has a great LIFESOURCE facility, and all the girls there: Judy, Renee, and Michelle are freaking great phlebotomists! You won't feel a thing! And you get points every time you donate, to buy stuff.

  2. I know! It's just getting up the courage to have a huge needle stuck in my arm and have blood removed from me ... we used to do blood drives at work but haven't in awhile. I'll get over myself eventually.

  3. You should think about adding a Ragnar to the list! Chicago's is this June, from Madison to Milwaukee to Chicago. Get 11 friends and go crazy over 200 miles and two days.


    1. I would love to do a relay someday but I'm already signed up for a half marathon that weekend. Maybe next year!