Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Another Post-Work Fun Run

Even though we don't work or live near each other, Kim and I were able to meet up for a run tonight that was actually convenient for both of us. We did five miles on the North Branch Trail, which was new to me. Even though we were in Chicago (or maybe just outside the city limits), we saw deer on our run! It's kind of funny to me to see wildlife so close to urban areas.

Me & Kim
Another shot using my trunk as the tripod. 

It's always fun meeting a fellow blogger in person. Even though this was our second time meeting (although we didn't get to talk much the first time), it felt so familiar, but I guess that's what happens when you read each other's blogs :)

Also it's nice that even though my commute is long and terrible, the fact that is spans almost the entire Chicago suburbs means I can meet-up with new running buddies!

And, the official Chi Town Half Marathon photos are up! Another plus for the race: no watermarks! Ali is in the blue and white tops, her friend Eileen is in the red top. (Hopefully you recognize me.)



This one's definitely a keeper! I grabbed her had at the end for this shot. 

PS - don't forget to enter my 13.1 Chicago half marathon giveaway. I'll pick a winner on Thursday.

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