About Mag

Welcome to Mag Mile Runner.

I'm Maggie. Hence the Mag.
Yes, I'm slightly dorky. I love math. 

I like to run. Sometimes in races. Hence the Runner. 

I also like to run in bright colors. 

I have spent my entire life living in or near Chicago, home of the Mag Mile. 
Hence ... Mag Mile. 

My husband is in the Navy Reserve. I call him "The Sailor" on this blog.
We met in 1998, started dating in 2004 and got married in 2007.
Learn more about other friends & family who show up in this blog. 

I am a crazy cat lady. This is Olive.
I adopted her in 2009 when The Sailor was at Boot Camp. 

I work in online marketing. 
(And no, I don't just mean this blog, that is my actual full-time job.)
Right now this is my "office" on Fridays. 

You can also find me on these sites. 
Consider this research for my day job:

I like to volunteer. 

I used to chair a local Relay For Life event for the American Cancer Society.
I don't really like public speaking, so this role definitely pushed me outside of my comfort zone,
but it was such important and rewarding work.
I figured if the folks behind me in purple could survive cancer and chemo, etc, 
the least I could do is read a prepared speech into a microphone.

Now I fundraise with DetermiNation, the ACS's endurance racing program.
Less public speaking, but more running. Which is nice.

I also occasionally volunteer with local arts organizations, when my schedule allows. 

I'm kind of a feminist liberal hippie bleeding heart agnostic. 
I try not to get political on this blog though.

Contact me at mag@magmilerunner.com


  1. hello!
    <---- fellow bleeding heart :-)

  2. Just wanted to say hi to a fellow IL runner. :) Chicago is my favorite city of all time, I wish I lived there!

  3. Hello from a fellow Chicago runner!