Thursday, April 12, 2012

First World Problems

IMG_2971My office is very small and we don't have a functioning coffee maker. I cannot afford Starbucks twice a day every day, so I have to get by with the instant options. (Not drinking coffee is not an option.) In case you too have to deal with such a travesty: Double up on the Taster's Choice Hazelnut instant singles. The Folgers tea-bag style singles are also suitable, and you don't need to double up. Nestle makes creamers that you can buy in 20-packs (or just steal from restaurants) and they don't have to be refrigerated (not pictured). I would look for my French Press, but then I'd have to clean it out twice a day! The horror.

I drive my husband's car to work and it doesn't have an Auxiliary hook-up. I have to listen to the ACTUAL radio or ... get this ... CDs! I know, how retro. My car has an Aux hook-up, but I also don't trust my car to drive 94 miles per day. Although I've been listening to a lot of NPR and it's probably making me smarter, so that's a win.

This picture has port-o-potties in
the background, therefore it is relevant.
I used a really disgusting port-o-potty at the trail the other day. Seriously, I don't think it had been serviced since last fall. I should have known better though - I could smell it from the outside. And it didn't have toilet paper ... I would have been better off peeing behind a tree. I've never been so glad that my husband keeps generic Lysol wipes in the trunk. (Like the ones for cleaning your countertops, not hand wipes ... but at moments like those, who cares?)

I think I might lose a toenail. Oh wait, this is first world problems, not runners world problems. But still ... summer is coming! I don't want my feet to look freaky.

I had Naf Naf Grill for lunch today and I'm sad there isn't one closer to home. Because it was delicious. OMG. South suburbs, why do your dining options suck so bad? A million taquerias, but no falafel. (Although I do love the taquerias.)

No one got me an Easter basket this year. Although I'm pushing 30 and could stand to not gorge myself on chocolate and jelly beans. Although my mom had a "communal" Easter basket, and people have been refilling the office candy jar with various chocolate eggs, so it's not like I've gone without candy.

I'm going to a bachelorette party this weekend and there will be no naked men. I mean really, what's wrong with most women? What is with the "no naked men" moratorium that so many put out there for their bachelorette parties? BORING! It's a bachelorette party! It's SUPPOSED to be cheesy and tacky and embarrassing. Speaking of which, my bachelorette party was five years ago as of this weekend. And there were [partially] naked [dancing] men. And there was embarrassment.

And I had a BLAST. I'm pretty sure everyone did.

I was holding a blow-up doll. 

A different kind of Dollar Dance.

... and those are all the pictures I will post from that night. My dad reads this thing.

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