Sunday, January 31, 2010

Half-Marathon Training, Week 4

Today ends week 4 of training for a half-marathon. I'm doing OK so far. Last week I completely slacked off, but all I can do is try again this week, and I did, sort of. So far this year, I have run 22.85 miles. Not too bad. On the weeks that I did run, I averaged 7.6 miles/week. Not great, and not where I want to be. At this point I was hope to be running around a half-marathon over the course of the week. But it's better than nothing!!

Also, today was my first day running outside, which is worlds better than running in a hot stinky gym on a treadmill. I tried an app on my phone to track my run, but I think the GPS was confused. Oh well, I downloaded a bunch of other apps to try, but there is still to help me track distance manually.

13 more weeks to the half marathon!

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