Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Got my hair cut today by what I will refer to as my Ninja Stylist. That's what the Sailor called her when I described my experience. When I got there, she asked me what I wanted, and I said I wanted to cut off at least 8 inches so I could donate it, and then ... make it look good. She looked at my hair and said "I could do a stacked bob." Well that means nothing to me, so I kind of said "OK ..." and she asked if there was a look I liked. I told her I liked Katie Holmes's hair when it was chin-length, and she was hanging out with Victoria Beckham and they had the same cut. And my stylist responded "Yeah ... that's a stacked bob." Well there you go!

Not only that, but she did the cut really quickly but really well. I've had similar cuts before, and I'm used to them spending a lot of time getting it even and doing the layers and such. She did the whole cut in about a half an hour. I was amazed. And it's done well!


Thank you Niki Moon!

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