Saturday, October 23, 2010

Becoming a Crazy Cat Lady: Phase One

snuggied up
I debating not starting this post. For fear of being one of "those" people. But, then I remembered this post from Mashable - The Million Dollar Question - Why Does the Web Love Cats? - and decided this is post is appropriate for all you fellow, geeky cat lovers out there.
cat nap

So anyway ...

Here are the reasons why my cat is awesome:
  1. She purrs. Loudly and often. Now, she is my first cat (my mom hates cats, so we never had one when I was growing up, which broke my little heart), but I've been around plenty of other cats, and none of them purr quite as much or as easily as my Olive. And to a cat-lover, that's a pretty satisfying sound. (It's truly the only way they express any emotion other than "I'm better than you.")
  2. She is super soft. Again, this is only in comparison to other people's cats, but seriously, my cat's fur is softer than your cat's fur. 
  3. OliveShe likes to cuddle. She's curled up right next to me right now. This makes me so happy. I've encountered plenty of cats that want nothing to do with humans. My cat loves humans, or at least her Human Overloads (as The Sailor and I refer to ourselves in relation to her - I think he coined the term). She often comes to whatever room in the house we are in, and will even come up on the couch/bed/chair with us. My favorite thing is when my cat curls up behind my butt when I'm in a desk chair (see photographic evidence of such action at right). Especially in the winter. She's warm!
  4. She still loves to cuddle me even though I like to torture her from time to time.
  5. As long as I barricade her from whatever room she's "tagged," she never does her business on the floor. (I should do a post on "How I got my cat to stop pooping and peeing on the floor." I bet it would get a lot of views, thanks to Google and the general jerkiness of cats.)
  6. She sheds far less than other cats I've encountered. Plus she has dark fur, and I wear a lot of dark clothing, so it works out well for me when she does shed. 
  7. She has won over The Sailor. (Who am I kidding? He's a big softie. This was not hard.) He denies it though. But then he's always petting her. I even once heard him whisper to the cat something about "I give you secret lovins."
Now to truly end this on a I am a Crazy Cat Lady note, enjoy this slideshow of all my Olive photos:

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