Sunday, November 28, 2010

Meeting Peter of Peter, Paul and Mary

Peter Yarrow
Peter and me (and another volunteer)
Tonight I volunteered at WTTW Channel 11, answering phones during their pledge drive. (Anyone can volunteer.) One of the shows that aired during my shift was a Sing Along with Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary. And wouldn't you know, Peter Yarrow was live in the studio while we were taking pledges! (click for video!)

We got to sing along with him before the live part, during his soundcheck, since he played a little guitar during the beginning of the segment. (Of course we sang "Puff the Magic Dragon.") And he talked on the phone to a lot of the people that called in to make pledges.

Here is a video my friend put together of my screen time, including Peter talking to one of the people on my phone. What didn't make it to TV was Peter Yarrow kissing the top of my head. Twice. He was very friendly.

Oh and he wears Sketchers Shape Ups.

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