Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm the Rock, she's the Roll

My cousin and I have very different approaches to running. Running the Rock 'n Roll Chicago Half Marathon together really made this apparent to me.

Maggie (that would be me):
  • Always runs with my Garmin, with my heart rate monitor
  • Always runs in Injinji socks so my toes don't rub together
  • Has enough technical running clothes so that I never have to run in cotton (except for my underwear ... still have to wear cotton unders when I run in shorts/pants that aren't lined ... TMI ... deal with it) (and yes, I have started checking out performance underwear online)
  • Almost always runs with a visor + sunglasses, unless the sun has gone done, or it's cloudy and I'm not going very far
  • Wears compression socks on long runs
  • Spent way too much time figuring out the most logical travel/sleeping plan for the weekend (I have a cat ... had to make sure I wasn't apart from her for too long ... yeah ... that's my excuse) (maybe I just like making logical plans ... )
Denise (my cousin):
  • Does not own any type of running watch
  • Didn't know about Injinji socks or compression socks
  • Has technical running clothes but also cotton (oh the horror =P )
  • Never runs in a visor + sunglasses
We're related through our Moms (uh ... they're sisters). I'm guessing she gets her relaxed side from her Dad. Because our Moms are both a little ... organized. As is my Dad. Yeah. That's how I'll describe it. (For the record, I will admit I'm like my parents ... we're ... organized.)

Meanwhile, more pictures!
I'm to the left of the guy in the tie dye, Denise is to the right (arms up)

 I love this shot of her!

In case you didn't guess, I'm the neurotic one in the visor + sunglasses + compression calf sleeves, she is the carefree, hatless, sunglassesless, compressionless one.

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