Sunday, June 21, 2009

another phone call :)

Rob called me again tonight! I asked him what he did right this time :) He was kind of quiet on the phone, but it had something to do with standing at attention ... or something. It was quiet on the phone. Either way, I'm pretty lucky to have received four phone calls from him so far - only one has been "routine" the other three were earned because he is doing well. So way to go, Rob.

He said he's enjoying boot camp a little more each day. He's glad he joined the navy. He said the hardest thing is the "bad apples" in his division - the recruits who have bad attitudes, and make it harder for the rest. So, if that's his biggest problem, that's pretty good. At least he's not complaining that he made a huge mistake, or that he can't take it physically. He sounds in pretty good spirits on the phone.

Also, he mentioned that there is a chance he will do A-school at Great Lakes instead of Florida. This would be fantastic! Of course, he won't know for sure until the last week of boot camp. So I won't get my hopes up just yet.

In non-Rob news, I had a nice Fathers Day with my Dad. My parents came over to watch the Cubs game, and I made lots of yummy food for them - fried green tomatoes, slow-cooked BBQ country style ribs, grilled chicken & veggie kabobs. Way to go me. AND the Cubs won. Woot!

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