Tuesday, June 9, 2009

first real letter!!!!

I got my first real letter from the Seaman Recruit today. He's doing well. Surviving. I guess he had the flu (as did a lot of other recruits) so I'm sure that sucks - being sick away from home. He said getting letters makes boot camp more bearable - so send him letters!! If you need his address, let me know.

Also, he asked me to fill him in on current events, because they keep them isolated. So I had to think, what's been going on in the past three weeks? I filled him in on the Air France flight, George Tiller's murder, and Stephen Colbert doing his show in Iraq with the USO (hilarious - the Iraq episodes are airing until Thursday - way to go Colbert!) Did I miss anything else of importance in the news? I'm sure I did.

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