Saturday, February 27, 2010


Still training for the half marathon ... slow and steady wins the race, right? Today I ran 5 miles, although it was very slow - 1 hour, so a 12 minute mile (or 5 miles per hour, ha!) I took a break from my training last week and the week before while I was getting over a cold and lots of congestion. But, I still have 9 weeks to train. If I add one mile each week to my distance runs, I'll get up to 12 miles two weeks before the race, and then can taper the following weeks, so I think I'm in good shape. I just wish the snow would melt. Right now I'm limiting my runs to side streets, so that if the I get to a spot where the sidewalks aren't shoveled or packed down, I can run in the street. But I need to mix it up! I'd like to go on some bike/jog paths.

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