Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Training Update

I have had a good past few days with my running!

On Saturday, I ran 6 miles! Even though I've been slacking with my shorter weekday runs, I've been sticking to my distance goals. I ran 6 miles at an 11:30 pace (1 hr, 9 mins). Not great, but could be worse. Last weekend I ran 5 miles in 1 hour (so a 12:00 pace).

Today, I ran 3 miles and my pace was around 6mi/hour (10:00 pace). This is great for me, usually I can't do that without being on a treadmill. Today's run was actually "easy." So I probably should have run a little faster.

Also, I tried out a great new running app - My Tracks for Android. It tracks my distance, time, pace, elevation, and my route using GPS. And I can send my run info to my Google Docs. Pretty awesome. I've tried a few other apps, this is my favorite so far.

Hopefully I can stick to my shorter weekday runs to increase my pace. That should be easier now that the days are longer, the snow has melted and it's warmer - I hate running in a stinky gym on a dreadmill. Actually, we're thinking about quitting the gym. Right now we pay $32 total for our monthly membership fee. Not bad, but it adds up and we don't go all that often and have enough free resources available between the weights we own, free On Demand workouts on Comcast, free lap swimming at the high school and running outside. If we quit the gym now and decide to join again when it gets cold and dark out (so, November), we'll still come out ahead. Membership fees for April - October would equal $224. If we joined again in November, the enrollment fee would be $99 each (so $198 total). So we would actually come out ahead $26. Even more so if they were doing a promo if/when we re-join, or if they pro-rate March for us.

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