Thursday, December 30, 2010

Search terms that have lead people to my blog

  1. 10 reasons not to become cat lady
  2. black swan perverted movie
  3. black swan was natalie portman doing good ballet
  4. black swan why does she go for a woman in the movie
  5. blackswan lily ___ __ nina [omission is mine ...]
  6. how do you do the schwartz shuffle [OMG!!! AWESOME!!]
  7. margret hot
  8. waste my time ass. bariers [huh??]
  9. why is the black swan so perverted
  10. what is it like working at olive garden 

thanks for the LOLs

regarding #6, I think it goes something like this, as demonstrated by my brothers:

And then there is the Schwartz Shuffle remixed:

Al & Ang Wedding

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