Wednesday, February 2, 2011

snotorious b.i.g. [photos and video part two]

So we've survived the Chicago Blizzard of 2011 (that has hit more than just Chicago). It stopped snowing but it's freaking cold out (mostly due to the wind) and snow removal is a slow process. That's fine with me. We are lucky - our power never went out, so we've got heat, a refrigerator full of food and internet (and Netflix!).

And photos! Duh. Of course there are photos!

This was my car this morning:

my car. not going anywhere for awhile.

Yup. Not going anywhere for awhile. (Where would I go anyway? Everything is closed.)

Time to start clearing out the driveway.


Trying to get shots of the backyard. Hard to get through the snow drifts + the large gate.


More snow blowing.


Cleared off the front steps.


Investigating the back yard with the neighbor.


Snow drift in the other neighbor's back yard. And yes, that's a tall fence. As tall as a person.


Clearing the sidewalk.


Here is the video made on my roommate's camera last night (starting with the video it was in response to). Check out the lightning around 1:25ish.

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