Monday, September 19, 2011

A First: Finally Joined a Group Run

Ever since I started running (last winter), I kept telling myself to join a group run somewhere. Whether it was with a running club or just regular fun runs at a local running store, just go check it out. For a variety of reasons - it would push me to run faster, and it would be nice to meet other runners, especially because I like racing much more than The Sailor does, so if I'm at a race alone, it would be nice to see some familiar faces. Plus I'm debating doing the Chicago Marathon in 2012 (shhhhhh don't tell anyone) and I think it would be silly to try to go at it alone when I can go at it with a group.

Anyway ... I never did check out a group run (before tonight) because it either didn't fit well with my work schedule or I was just a big chicken. (Moreso the latter.)

Tonight I finally joined my first group run (at a local running store), and guess what?
  • I wasn't the slowest person there.
  • I didn't run alone and friendless. 
New shoes
Mizuno Wave Nirvana ... now I have them in both colors.
I ran with six other runners, we did 4.25 miles around a "hilly" subdivision at a 10 minute pace. Hilly is in quotes because by Chicagoland standards, it was hilly. By New England standards (the site of my next race), I'm sure it was nothing. I need to find some more "hills" during the next week.

Before the group run, I bought a new pair of shoes. My legs have been feeling a little tight/tired during the past few runs, so I figured it would be a good idea to rotate in a new pair. And also picked up some more sport beans, gu chomps and a stick of body glide. (Exciting, no???? The sport beans are berry flavored and the gu chomps are orange. The body glide is unscented.)

It was eerily foggy on the way home, see:

Foggy sunset.  Flossmoor Rd & Central Ave.
This is actually a grasslands area in the middle of a forest preserve.
Not ... the Planet of the Apes or some deserted landscape.
Although I've never seen Planet of the Apes, so I'm just guessing what it looked like.

Also I think some of my Facebook friends might un-friend me because this was my status update tonight:

Oh well!

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