Friday, October 21, 2011

Am I a bad person for buying mascara to run in?

Applefest Half Marathon
Just let me have my mascara and don't judge me.
So today, I bought waterproof mascara.

For one purpose.

To wear during races.

Yes. I bought make-up just to wear while running. In races.

I know.

How sad am I?

Annual Style Show
OK so maybe those are fake.
BUT, in my defense (cause, you know, this is my blog and I can defend myself), I have long glorious eyelashes. But they are blond. So you wouldn't know, unless you were close, or (as I am 95% of the time I leave the house) I'm wearing mascara.

And honestly, I feel naked without mascara. I rarely wear any other make-up anymore, but I always wear mascara.

My brothers? Also have long glorious lashes. But their lashes are black/brown. JERKS.

My niece? Long and glorious baby lashes [even without the falsies] but also blond. I know what I'm getting her for every birthday starting with age 13. (Who am I kidding, I started wearing make-up at 10.)

So anyway. Back to the waterproof mascara.

I like looking at my race photos (both official and ones I take myself). But I hate that my face looks so ... naked in them. Mascara-less. Yes I know you are supposed to look ... rough in race photos, because, you know, you just ran a race, but I need a little help. Just to bring me up to par with all you lucky ducks that don't have blond eyelashes that make your eyes disappear into your face.

So. Yup. Mascara purchase. Problem solved.

But I feel like I just lost a lot of runner cred.

What do you think?

Is it so bad that I want to do one little thing to make me look slightly better in race photos? (or not even in photos, but just in public?) I don't dye my hair. I don't fake-bake or wear bronzer. I don't wear fake nails (actually other than maybe 2 pedicures per year, I don't get my nails done). I barely even wear heels anymore. We all have our one (just one? yeah right) little secret vanity. I'm proud of my eyelashes (and hair, and legs ... and I'm full of myself, sorry) but without mascara, it's like they are not even there.

OK this is a really long post about eyelashes. Sorry. Peace out.

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