Saturday, April 3, 2010

half marathon training update

The half marathon is 29 days away! But, I'm improving! Stats from my recent runs:

March 9: 3.15mi, 31:25, 6.03mph
March 15: 3.16mi, 30:53, 6.1mph
March 17: 3.12mi, 30:07, 6.2mph
March 22: 3.13mi, 30:59, 6.1mph
March 24: 2mi, 18:44, 6.4mph
March 27: 9mi, 1:44:40, 5.2mph
April 1: 3.12mi, 30:32, 6.14mph
April 3: 10.05mi, 1:46:27, 5.7mph

I'm so proud of myself. For one thing, I have never run 10 miles at once! And to improve my pace by 0.5mph in one week is pretty great, considering I ran a mile longer.

So hopefully I can keep this momentum going. Maybe I can run the half-marathon (13.1 miles) in 2:24:00. That would be a pace of about 5.5 mph, right?

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