Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ugh. Long Run Fail. But on the bright side, I did run 8 miles.

Today, my goal was to run 11 miles. Just one more mile than last week. It didn't go quite as well as I hoped.

Today is one of the nicest days we've had in awhile, and the temperature got into the 70s. Which is fine ... but when you're running on a unshaded trail, and there are no clouds, it feels warmer.

Also, I think I overhydrated during a run a few weeks ago, and I wanted to avoid that this time, but I think I underhydrated. And about halfway in, I started feeling dehydrated. Unfortunately, I was 5.5 miles from my water supply. I kept going, but didn't pass any water fountains or anything. Finally around mile 8, I started walking and broke down and called The Sailor and asked him to meet me around mile 9, since that was an easy-to-find spot not far from home.

He of course had the same reaction I would have. (Why didn't you bring water? Or some money to run off course to a store to buy some?) I was debating having him drive me back to my car, but I wanted to finish 11 miles even if I didn't run them, so I walked the last two miles, although that was no picnic either, even with water.

So, I need to invest in one of those attractive water fanny packs. Which really isn't a big deal because I already run with a little fanny pack, because all of my running shorts/cropped pants don't have pockets.

Also, I need to plan better so I can do my runs earlier in the day, when the sun isn't much of a factor.

I'm not going to let today get me down. During the run, among all the "I'm so freaking thirsty ... would it be really wrong to drink some of the water in a puddle on the side of the trail?" (I did not break down and do that, although if The Sailor wasn't available, maybe I would have.) I was also having thoughts of "can I really do this half marathon?" I guess I need to remember that today was a bad day ... they aren't all bad days. And the problems I had today are solved easily enough by going out earlier and getting a water fanny pack.

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