Thursday, May 13, 2010

Running Clubs / Group Runs

I'm interested in joining a running club or doing group runs ... there are quite a few options and I can't keep them straight, plus in case someone else is interested, I'll list the information here.

6:00pm: Running For Kicks (Palos)

couldn't find any

6:00pm: Running For Kicks (Palos)

6:00pm: The Human Race Sports (Orland Park)
6:15pm: Prairie State Road Runners (Crest Hill)
6:30pm: Frankfort Running Club (Frankfort)

couldn't find any

7:00am: Yankee Runners (Palos)
7:00am: Park Forest Running and Pancake Club (Oak Forest / Frankfort)

8:00am: Prairie State Road Runners (Channahon)
8:00am: Park Forest Running and Pancake Club (Park Forest)

Ugh why are the weekend runs so early??? It's the weekend!
And why are the most convenient runs on Thursday, when I normally have band rehearsal?


  1. I admire you for running. I think if there was a prize like cake at the end, I might run too ;)

  2. Well, the prize at the end is better health and (hopefully) a better figure =P

    Although I honestly do enjoy running. Yes, there are moments where it's hard and I can literally feel drained of all energy and I just want to stop.

    But there are many moments where I'm in the grove of a run, and it's actually enjoyable. Some people do yoga to relax and clear their mind ... I hate yoga. I'm too fidgety, and the few times I'm tried yoga, I haven't enjoyed it. But, I find that running really clears my mind ... it's my time to meditate. I would much rather do 30 minutes of running than 30 minutes of yoga.

    Plus, I also like that I can set and achieve goals with running. Like the goal of running a half marathon, or the goal of finishing a 5K within a certain time (right now that goal is under 27 minutes). It satisfies my competitive drive.

    I should turn this into a future blog post ...

  3. Allie! I should have included that there is a race with the prize of CHOCOLATE at the end: You can do a 5k or 15k.