Sunday, August 29, 2010

Buying things second hand

I love shopping resale.

But you know what is great to shop for second hand? "Art." I put that in parenthesis because I'm not really referring to fine art, but rather the stuff you'd hang on your walls, which could be both prints of actual art and just "art" for lack of a better term.

I have found some really great "art" at resale stores. To the point that I doubt I'll ever buy "art" first hand again, until I'm able to afford investing in actual art from local artists. (Beyond my friend Donovan's awesome prints.)

This Picasso print came in this frame (with glass!) for only $8 at the local Salvation Army

I need to buy a new frame, but this Van Gogh print + frame was only $2.50 from the Salvation Army
This print + matting + frame was only $5 at the local Salvation Army
This was free (print, frame, matting) because I picked up from my friend when she was getting rid of a lot of her stuff in anticipation of a move across the country

I picked this up mounted Monet print from Goodwill, and while I don't remember what it cost, I'm pretty sure it wasn't that much.

At $15, this was a little bit pricier than what I usually spend, but it was from a higher-end charity resale shop

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