Monday, August 16, 2010

Clothing Swap Party

Yesterday I did something that I can't believe I haven't done sooner - I held a clothing swap party. I should have been doing this for years, because:
  1. I love second hand stuff. The price is right!
  2. I ALWAYS have clothes/shoes/accessories that I could stand to get rid of, and this way whatever is still in good condition can get used by a friend.
Even though I just moved (and thus just got rid of a ton of stuff), I hosted a party. I invited all my girl friends, those that weren't busy came over with their stuff, we piled it on couches and went to town going through everything. 

I ended up with four shirts (one of which I'm wearing to work today), three belts, two purses, two scarves, a dress, a pair of "nice" (work appropriate) capris and a pair of workout pants. I'm probably forgetting something. And best of all? Not only did it not cost a dime, but I got a fun afternoon out of it! I made some snacks (so I guess it did cost something), and some of the other girls brought snacks (so it's like I broke even on the food).

Can't wait for the next one! This party forced me to finally part with a few things I was holding onto because "it's just so cute!" even though I never wear it. But the downside to holding onto that type of stuff (like these purple work-appropriate sling-backs) is that holding onto it prevents me from buying something similar that I might actually wear, and instead I hold onto something else that I don't wear ... what's the point? This way, it goes to someone who might actually wear it, and frees me from the guilt of buying another pair of purple pumps.

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  1. Wow Maggie that is so cool. I just got into swapping clothes and shoes online but I haven't felt brave enough to join in on a swap party even though I have been invited to one. I don't know what is holding me back except maybe the fear that my swaps won't stack up to what other people have to offer. When I swapped through I did okay and got a pair of heels that have turned out to be so much better than what I traded so maybe I just need to get over it. Thanks for this post. It's inspiring.