Saturday, June 4, 2011

How I Lost 10 Pounds. (Hint: No Surprises Here.)

Soldier Field 10 Mile
Proof that I've been running
I've lost 10 pounds since March. Woot.

SOOOO since everyone always wants to know the big secret, how did I do it?

Uhhh ... the old fashioned way. Fewer calories in, more calories out. It's not rocket science. (It's, um, exercise science?)

It wasn't just one change, it was many changes, and making them habits. And having a partner (The Sailor) who was also trying to lose weight.

Fewer calories in

Even though I'm not a Catholic (anymore) (sorry Mom), I still observe Lent (sometimes ... like when I want to lose weight). This year, The Sailor and I gave up sweets and junk food (although I cheated on Sundays).

I watched what I ate (more than usual). In addition to what I did during Lent, I tried to make healthier choices more often. I'm not going to lie. I still ate candy and fried foods and all that, but not as much as I used to. I forced myself to be more aware of what I was consuming. I realized gone are the days that I can just shove whatever I want in my mouth ( ... that's what she said).

I counted calories in/out using (website and app). I set up my profile with the goal of losing 1 pound/week. That meant limiting myself to 1,420 calories per day, more if I "earned" them by working out (and tracking my workouts in the app). In all honesty, I only used this app most days for the first month or so, and then I stopped. However, it did give me a better idea of how much I should be eating throughout the day and what foods I can mindlessly eat (fruits and vegetables).

I DRANK LESS BOOZE. Yes, friends, the sad truth. No more cracking a beer because it's Thursday or having a glass of wine because the workday is over. I save my drinking for special occasions. (Dinner with my best friend is a special occasion.)

Less dining out/carry out. We don't get home until 6pm on weekdays. On the weekends we just want to relax. So we were doing a lot of carry out / dining out. But since we were both counting calories, we started making meals at home more. Yes, many of those meals were frozen prepared meals from Trader Joe's. Still fewer calories than any restaurant. The other bonus is we don't spend as much money on food.

More calories out

I worked out more. Mostly running. In case you can't tell from 90% of my posts. I also did occasional pilates and weights at the gym. But mostly running.  

So there you go. My big weight-loss secret.

Feel free to check back around Christmas to see if I've put the 10 pounds back on. I'm only human.

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