Thursday, November 17, 2011

Being Flexible ... and running in COTTON.

Yes, we are in a bathroom.
It was dark outside.
Like anything in life, to be successful* at running, you need to be flexible.

* "Successful at running" is a moving target. We all set our own goals. 

Based on the fact that I work a day job that requires me to be indoors from around 8am until around 5pm, there are very few days out of the year where I get to enjoy truly "perfect" running weather. (To me, that is temps around 60, daylight, light breeze, no rain.) From November to March - five months out of the year - I know that during the week, if I am running outside, it is in the dark and cold. Really no way around that. So, like most other runners, I deal with it. I wear layers. I put on reflective gear and a super cool headlamp. It beats running on a treadmill.

Yesterday, I saw a message on Facebook that a couple women from a local running FB group were meeting near my office for a run at 5pm. My goal as of late has been to meet new running friends (in person). I could get there in time to run with them ... but I didn't pack my typical cold-weather running clothes. I had my gym bag - clothes for Pilates class and the sweats to wear home.

If I wanted to run, I had to run in (shudder) COTTON. And ... baggy breakaway pants! THE HORROR. (See photographic evidence from Amanda's blog.) Luckily, I did pack my Garmin and HR strap in case I decided to run on the indoor track after Pilates class. PHEW.Otherwise ... without the stats from your run ... did you really run???

Sidenote: I have a fascination of numbers. Hence the "pi" in the name of this blog. (I also love food, hence the "pie.") But seriously. I love! So many stats!

Such a tease - the sun was gone by the time we started.
I was tempted to head to Target during lunch (there is one down the street from my office) and pick up another pair of running tights and a long sleeve tech top. And another set of stretchy knit gloves and ear warmers.

But I didn't. I realized that was stupid. Really, is running in a hooded sweatshirt and breakaway pants really so bad? (Based on last night's run - no. It's how our running forefathers did it, right?) If my ears get cold, I can put up my hood. (It's how the Unibomber did it, right? ) If my hands are cold, I can pull my sleeves down. Susan had a headlamp and Amanda wore a pair of knuckle lights, and that would be enough light for us.

When did running become such a high-maintenance sport? That's not rhetorical - seriously - for those of you that have been running a lot longer than I have, when did the thought of running without all of the extras become a crippling idea? (And I am not claiming to be above it - I love my tech fabric, toe socks, Garmin, Clif shot bloks as much as the next runner.)

How have you been flexible in order to get in a run, or seize a good running opportunity (such as meeting new running friends after work)?

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  1. Great post! I totally understand being flexible and am so glad you came! Thanks!