Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving! That for which I am thankful and unthankful.

This year, I'm thankful for:
The usual: a job, a roof over my head, a loving husband, my health, good friends, etc.

But I'm also thankful for silly little things. Like this one in particular:

snuggied up
Related: I am also thankful for snuggies.
And this little thing:

My niece. Such a little ham.

I'm thankful for Christmas lights!! Seriously. Wish I could leave them up all year. They make everything look happier: 

Christmas lights
An old picture. We moved out of this apartment in 2010.

I'm thankful for the internet. Seriously. Can we just stop and reflect on the greatness that is the world wide web? Because stuff like this exists, and has been viewed over 49 million times. 

Scratch that, that is not why the internet is awesome. It's awesome because it's connecting me with other local runners and hopefully I can stop forcing my husband to run so many races with me. It is also awesome because I could buy a new power adapter for my laptop for $25 less and without making a trip to the Apple store. It's awesome because I've raised $40 so far for the American Cancer Society just through this blog. Want to help me raise more?

OK! Enough with the happy.

I am unthankful for:

Terrible skin. Seriously. I look like I'm 16, not 29.

My car. I guess it could be worse, but so far this year I've spent probably over $1,000 in repairs on that car. Including replacing a less-than-one-year-old alternator and tire.

Reality TV. All the yelling. Stop yelling! And stop giving shows to people who don't actually DO anything.

The "Merry Christmas not Happy Holidays" people. I don't usually get "political" on here, but is Christmas not a holiday? Someone is offering you a friendly greeting, and you are offended?

People who train less but run faster than me. Seriously. I hate reading the "About Me" section on a running blog and they write about how they barely trained for their first half marathon and finished in 2:15.

What are you thankful and unthankful for? 

P.S. Good luck to everyone racing tomorrow morning! I'll be doing the Running For Kicks 4 Mile Turkey Trot with The Sailor, one of my BFFs and some of my other blogger friends (two of whom I've never met in person).   

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