Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oscar Sunday > Superbowl Sunday

Number of bacon-wrapped dates consumed: Many
Number dipped in chocolate fountain: Many
Number of Sparkly Soul headbands used as flapper headband: One
Weight, in pounds, of bag of Swedish Fish won: 1.9 (technically won by The Sailor in Oscar Bingo ... of course my initial reaction was "these will be great fuel for marathon training")
Number of Cotton Candy Machines won: Half - my dad and I tied on our Oscar ballots - we both picked 16 correctly, so we have to share the grand prize. However, combined with the Popcorn Machine I won at last year's party, I can host some pretty sweet movie nights someday.
Number of miles swam pre-party: One (phew)

Oscar Party 2012
Midnight in Paris-inspired: Gertrude Stein, Salvador Dali and some flappers

Oscar Party 2012
Bridesmaids-inspired: She was Megan. Those are her puppies. 

Oscar Party 2012  Oscar Party 2012

I'm not ashamed to admit that I love Oscar Sunday way more than Super Bowl Sunday.

Oscars: You can wear a fun outfit inspired by a nominated movie. And take photos of it on a faux red carpet! Who doesn't love a theme? 
Super Bowl: I guess you could wear a themed outfit but you'd be out of place among all the uninspired jeans and sweatshirts everyone else is wearing. 

Oscars: CHAMPAGNE! Wins every time in my book. 
Super Bowl: Bud Light. (Although I drank a rather fancy beer when watching the Super Bowl because I don't usually drink cheap beer.)

Oscars: Evening gowns!
Super Bowl: Football uniforms. 

Oscars: Song and dance numbers! Montages! Awkward jokes! Long speeches cut off by music! Indecipherable accents! 
Super Bowl: Overhyped halftime show that looks awkward. (Sorry Madonna, I love you and I loved your show, but it's true.)

Oscars: Brad Pitt! Clooney! Jean Dujardin! Demian Bashir! Whoever that hot guy was that helped Octavia Spencer on stage! Sadly no James Franco this year. But J.Lo's cleavage!
Super Bowl: Green Bay wasn't in it this year, so no Aaron Rodgers. 

Oscars: I know what is going on.
Super Bowl: I couldn't care less what is going on.

Oscars: The actual show is interesting.
Super Bowl: The commercials are more interesting.

Oscar Party 2012 Oscar Party 2012
The Sailor isn't one for dressing up

How do you watch the Oscars? Do you attend a party? Have a themed night at home? Or just wear your sweats and tweet along? Or skip it altogether?

Did you enter my Favorite Things raffle yet? I'll pick a winner Monday morning (let's say 10am central time). So you have until then to enter!

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