Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Newsflash: Ultrarunners are fast.

Did you get to run with your BFF of like 25 years today? Because I did!


BFF Ultra Vera is home for the holidays. She sent me an "I'm home!" text around 11am this morning and I immediately replied to see if she could join us for our standing Wednesday night run with the F'N Runners. Of course she said yes! I didn't even have to convince her. Vera's hardcore like that. Actually, she got there an hour early to make sure she got in her total miles for the day. And the four miles we did together? F'N fast! (PS this group nickname is really useful.) But what do you expect from someone training for her fifth Boston Marathon? (Can you tell I really admire BFF Ultra Vera? And yes that is her official nickname on this blog. Although I could just call her Vera and it's not like you would confuse her with any of my other friends.) But, even if it was fast (for me), I kept up, and was able to sort of talk the whole time. So it was good-fast.


I love that the spot where we meet is so festive this time of year! I'll be sad once the Christmas lights come down. Our pre-run group pictures won't be nearly as fun. (Scratch that. Yes they will. We will make them fun! Even before our post-run beers!)

Happy Solstice! Cheers to the return of daylight!

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