Monday, December 19, 2011

Photo Post of the Weekend to Distract You From the Fact that It's Monday

snow, pine and lights

Christmas is in a week! ARE YOU READY? No pressure.  

Saturday night was our annual friends Christmas party with a white elephant gift exchange. Here I am, about to open up a talking Christmas tree that was missing a power cord. I ended up sticking my brother with it, because I stole the 6-pack of home-brewed beer he opened. Score! (Sorry, bro. Not. Even though it will probably take me a month to finish it.)


One of the more popular gifts was a cigar-box banjo (on the left, being played by Tiny, who you may have met before). This is not the only time I've gotten a picture of a banjo jam in this garage.

It was also a potluck party, and one of my offerings was pretzel-rolo turtles. So easy, and so yummy. Here, let me get all "Foodie Blogger" on you. Hope you can keep up.

You only need three ingredients: 

rolo-pretzel turtles

Layer of pretzels, one rolo on top of each, into a 300-degree oven for four minutes. 

rolo-pretzel turtles
This is an oven
Remove them and immediately press a pecan on top of each. 
Then let cool completely. I put them outside. 

rolo-pretzel turtles

Once cooled, try not to eat them all. 

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