Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas ... No Room For Pie FAIL

When The Sailor and I first became a "serious couple" (a couple that spent holidays together), we tried to squeeze both families into one day on holidays. That didn't last long. I think we did one long Thanksgiving day with two gigantic feasts and an hour drive in between and it was exhausting (from the length of the day and the amount of digesting we had to do).

We quickly decided to pick one family for each holiday, and rotate to keep things fair. This year, we spent Thanksgiving day with my family, so Christmas day was for The Sailor's family.

The Sailor with our nephew

Cuddling with my nephew (and his Star Wars action figures).


Niece and nephew. Probably eating cookies. Check out the personalized placemats.

My husband was one month old in this picture.
He was over 10 pounds when he was born.
I am kind of scared to have his children.

Getting ready to open presents

Also, I think I might need to rename this blog for real. I ate so much food during the day (grazing on appetizers, dinner and Christmas cookies) that by the time dessert came out, I was too full to eat anything. So I didn't have any of the triple-layer chocolate cake that The Sailor made from scratch, or any pumpkin pie (MY FAVORITE). No cake. NO PIE. Nothing. Just a small glass of homemade egg nog.

And, my sister-in-law Melissa (brother Mark's wife) got me a set a penguin footie pajamas. I think she said she also got a pair for our other sister-in-law, and has a pair herself. Might need to get a photo ... something to go along with this gem from 2009 a.k.a. a Very Snuggie Christmas?

a very snuggie Christmas
In the Zebra snuggie: brother Steve and his wife Loren
In the leopard snuggie: brother Mark and his wife Melissa
In the blue "snuggle up with Skilling" snuggie: The Sailor and me

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