Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Why Not Wednesday: All these clothes and nothing to wear ...

wardrobe remix - work Why not ... shop your closet?

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Like most women, every morning I stare at my giant closet packed with clothing, and feel like I have nothing to wear. (Memo to my husband: It's not that simple ... maybe I haven't done laundry in awhile, maybe I wore my black pants yesterday and the top I want to wear today goes really well with black pants, maybe I'm a clothes hoarder who wants more clothes ... wait that last part is definitely true.)

Wardrobe RemixSometimes you have to force yourself to "shop your closet." Using inspiration from Flickr or independent fashion bloggers (my favorites are Kendi Everyday and What I Wore), go through your closet and start putting together "new" outfits - mixing and matching items that you've never worn together.

You can transform a dress simply by pairing it with a different belt, or adding a cardigan or blazer. (Memo to friends who always think I'm "dressed up": Dresses are the easiest thing to wear. It's one piece. Put it on. You're done. Dress it down with leggings and flats, dress it for work with tights and a blazer, make it fancy with heels and a scarf or other accessories. So easy and so comfortable!)

Don't be afraid to mix colors, mix textures, and mix "seasonal" pieces. A lot of "summer" dresses and skirts can be winter-ized with tights and a cardigan/blazer. (Noticing a theme? What would I do without tights, blazers and scarves? Walk around naked probably.) Summery tops can be worn under cardigans/blazers/jackets or over long-sleeve tops. (It doesn't go the other way. Winter clothes don't work in the summer. At least not in Chicago. I'm looking at you, hipster kids.)

It takes a little time and effort, but if you stop shopping (just for non-running clothes ... I mean by all means follow my lead and keep stocking up on Injinji socks, running tights and base layers as if you don't have a washing machine) and force challenge yourself to wear stuff beyond the same 10 things you always wear (I fall into these ruts all the time). You can come up with cute outfits, and have more money in your bank account. And your friends will think you super stylish, when really you just read free fashion blogs and forced yourself to get creative because you're broke.

Do you have any great tips for stretching your wardrobe just a bit further? Let us know!

Also thank you to everyone who donated to the American Cancer Society through my FuelBelt raffle! The winners are:

1. Kelly the Culinarian
2. Running (Kell)ometers
3. Judie (who is also my cousin)

Remember if you've donated to any of my ACS raffles so far, you will get one free entry in each of the future raffles I do! So donate early for the best chances of winning often.

Oh, and remember that short 5K I did recently? Got an email today from the YMCA (they put it on) saying it was in fact short, due to construction. So sometimes your Garmin is right! But quit whining on the race's Facebook page.

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  1. This is such a good reminder. I just need to give myself more than 11 seconds to put an outfit together in the morning. I am also a dress lover! My size always fits. Just one item of clothes and you look instantly fancy.