Thursday, March 29, 2012


First 100-mile month. And it feels great!

Actually, scratch that. 
I've been feeling like I'm getting sick.
I ran tonight and feel a little bit better, of course. 
And it's all "above the neck" so I'm not too worried. Just annoyed.

PS - Did you enter for a chance to win a free entry to 13.1 Chicago?



Note to self: If you're doing to be a dork and do the "arms up" as you finish, look UP and SMILE. 
Commit to being a dork! Don't just half-ass it. 

Also I like how in the bottom middle photo above, I'm floating.
WHILE stopping my Garmin. TALENT. 
Because usually when I try to stop my Garmin without looking, I hit "lap."
And when I try to hit "lap" without looking, I stop my time.

This picture would be great if they didn't put the ugly orange letters over us ... what the heck. 


In front of the port-o-johns? Really, event photographer?
Oh, and I finally decided my fanny pack is too dorky even for me.
So I broke down and bought a Spibelt. I took my dorkiness down a shade. 


  1. Damn, your photos look good! Mine crossing the finish on the other hand really captured how absolutely crappy I was feeling :)

    Congrats on your first triple digit month! I'm sure there will be many more of those :)