Tuesday, March 27, 2012

About that Half Marathon ...

Before I jump into my post, here's the pic with the Green Men at the Shamrock Shuffle:

Green Men at the Shamrock Shuffle
Nicole, Amanda, Green Man, me, Green Man, Kelly. Thanks for the pic, Nicole!!

Thank you for all your comments on my last post (well, and every post!), especially all the encouragement for this weekend's half marathon and my ability to kill my PR. 

But, I don't think I'm going to race it.

I wasn't planning on doing the Chi-Town Half in the first place. I did want to do it, but I went back-and-forth, and decided not to register. (You know, to save money and stuff, also none of my usual running buddies were doing it.)

But then one of my college friends posted on Facebook that she registered for it. And I haven't seen much since college (she moved back downstate after graduating). That quickly changed my mind. I mulled over it for all of 24 hours before I went ahead and registered.

I was talking to that friend yesterday morning, and she asked if I was going go "fast" at the half. I told her I was thinking of doing a 9-minute pace, which would be a big PR, but that pace didn't totally scare me. But I could tell by her response that 9-minute miles were definitely "fast." She said she would try to keep up with me. Which I know is a recipe for disaster.

So once again, I had to make the decision - run my own race, or have fun with a friend?

I like lists, so here is a list ...

Why I should just have fun: 
  • The only reason I signed up for this race is because she is doing it, and we don't see each other very often. If we stick together, that's 2 hours or so more than we've spent together in almost two years.
  • I'm signed up for four other half marathons this year - I will have plenty of chances to PR. And PR again. 
  • While I certainly feel like I could race this one, and PR, my running schedule for the past few months hasn't really been with this race in mind. I mean, I've definitely put in the miles, but I haven't been doing them intentionally for this race.
  • Even if we stick to a 10-minute pace, or even 10:30, that would still be a PR for me, and I think those paces are more in line with her plans. 
  • AND that would give me more room for yet another PR at one of the half marathons I am doing in June. Because you're supposed to PR every race, right? 
  • [Edited to add] I don't want to wear/burn myself out on running/racing. I know that I've signed up for a lot of races this year, and I want to keep myself injury-free for marathon day. If this isn't a goal race, why push it? 
Why I should race:
  • Because I'm a jerk with a giant ego.
So, there you go. Obviously I am one of those super happy friendly runners who loves running with friends and making everyone feel great about themselves. You can lump me with the pro-finishers-medal crowd, the pro-running-skirts crowd (but only if they sparkle and there is a theme involved), the pro-"you're a winner just for trying" crowd.

And I'm OK with that. Gold stars for everyone!!!!


  1. Having fun is always fun :) but, I do wrestle with this dilemma a lot. My bf is slower than I am (travels A LOT for business which doesn't help) so I feel the guilt of getting him to do a race which we won't end up running together. We always do a few races together- mainly themed 5ks, or any distance together when I'm injured so it seems to balance things out.

    Enjoy the time with your friend. There will be plenty of other races to PR with, but not a lot of times you can say you ran with a good friend :)

    1. So true, this may be our only opportunity to run a race together. And it's so much more fun with a friend! PR or no PR. This just gives me more energy to channel toward my June 2 PR.