Friday, March 16, 2012

Fashion Friday: What season is it?

I don't care if according to the calendar we still have a week of winter left, I'm loving this weather! As much as I love sweater dresses and tights, I also love summer dresses! I picked up a ton of summer clothes as the result of a clothing swap last November, I'm so excited that I can finally start wearing my loot!

Sunday: Wedding Shower for my cousin and his fiance. However, I have known his future wife for quite awhile. She's been a friend of my sister-in-law for a few years; sis-in-law introduced them at the surprise party we threw for her (sis-in-law) in 2010. (This is the same sis-in-law who was my friend for about eight years before she started dating, and later marrying, my brother ... we like match-making in this family.)

Wardrobe Remix Wardrobe Remix

Dress and cardigan from a clothing swap
Necklace was a Christmas gift a few years ago
Flats from Target

Wardrobe Remix
This family just keeps getting better looking through marriage
Left to right: cousin, cousin's wife, cousin, cousin's fiance [and guest of honor],
me, sister-in-law, cousin's fiance's twin sister [maid of honor]

Monday and Tuesday's outfits weren't photo-worthy.

Wednesday: It feels like summer, so I'm going to wear a summery top. But add a summery blazer because anyone who has worked in an office knows the key to survival is layering.

wardrobe remix wardrobe remix

wardrobe remix

Top and necklace from a clothing swap
Blazer from Old Navy years ago
Flats from Target years ago

Thursday: Still feels like summer, so I'm breaking out the linen.

Wardrobe Remix Wardrobe Remix

Wardrobe Remix Wardrobe Remix

Dress and belt from a clothing swap
Necklace from ... I don't remember
Flats from Target, but you've seen those before. Many times. I love them!

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